Lawmakers Eye Canada To Bring Prescription Drug Costs Down

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Prescription drug prices have dominated the health care agendas of Oregon lawmakers so far this session, with a Canadian importation plan among the proposals introduced into the Legislature.

After Years Of Inaction, Oregon Tackles High Addiction Rates

With the fourth-highest addiction rate in the country, Oregon has one of the worst records nationwide when it comes to treating people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. But now the state is working towards a plan to change that.

Carrie Steinseifer Bates won three Olympic gold medals for swimming in 1984.

But in January 2012, the Tualatin resident wanted to die.

Startling Healthcare Costs for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The Lund Report
A statewide commission will urge legislators to create a drug czar to oversee drug and alcohol addiction programs
November 15, 2010 -- Healthcare costs associated with alcohol and drug abuse amounted to $3.2 billion during 2006 in Oregon – while 70 percent of people who were incarcerated had a substance abuse problem.

CAREAssist Turns to Mail Order to Reduce Deficit

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The program, which provides medications to HIV positive patients, faces a $2.1 million budget hole this biennium
July 7, 2010 -- As the state deficit spirals out of control, a program that provides medications to HIV positive patients is the latest to take a hit.

Wheeler Receives National Honor

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June 2, 2010 -- Karen Wheeler has been selected as one of only two National Treatment Network representatives by the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors. She’ll be honored at the annual national meeting on June 4.
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