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Bill Dissolving Cover Oregon Heads to Governor, Over Oracle Complaints

Oracle, the much-maligned software company that failed to build a functional insurance exchange for Oregon, has threatened to stop Senate Bill 1 from taking effect, but the bill had broad bipartisan support in the House to move the remaining state insurance exchange functions to the Department of Consumer & Business Services.

Ten Republicans joined all the House Democrats in Salem on Friday to send Senate Bill 1 to Gov.

What’s next after Cover Oregon?

OHSU president urges caution at Oregon Health Policy Board meeting as legislature moves quickly to dissolve the health insurance exchange.

Dr. Joe Robertson, the president of Oregon Health & Science University, sounded a cautionary note last week about the future oversight of the state’s health insurance exchange.

Nurse Practitioners and Chiropractors Want More Workers’ Comp Patients

The Lund Report
Senate Bill 533 awaits only a House vote to become law, expanding the length of time that a nurse practitioner can see an injured worker and giving workers access to their preferred chiropractor.


May 2, 2013 -- People who suffer an injury on the job will get better access to a nurse practitioner or their favored chiropractor under a Senate bill that should become law.

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