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Oregon Ranks at the Bottom in Oral Health

Dr. Bruce Austin, 10 months into his job as Oregon’s first state dental director, says poor oral health is Oregon’s “hidden epidemic,” leading to worse overall health especially in children; he advocates statewide fluoridation among other solutions.

According to a 2012 Oregon Smile Survey taken at 82 schools statewide, 17,000 Oregon kids between ages six and nine – about 13 percent -- have seven cavities or more with rampant decay including rows of black bumps for teeth.

What happens when the patient says, ‘no’

After refusing to have a panoramic X-ray, Kaiser refuses to schedule a dental visit

OPINION- Today I cannot receive one of the most common and beneficial oral health activities, a six-month dental visit with my dental provider, Kaiser Permanente.

The reason why? I am refusing to have a panoramic X-ray.

Managed Care is the Answer for Dentists and Patients

More dentists in private practice are going to have to make the change to some form of managed care as the future moves more toward the concept of disease prevention and finding ways to avoid expensive restorative procedures, according to the author.

OPINION -- Brush twice a day, floss twice a day and rinse twice a day. That is what we were all taught as children and told by our dentists twice a year.

San Francisco Researcher Says Silver Fluoride Can Stop Cavities Without a Drill

Jeremy Horst, a dentist researching at the University of California San Francisco, advocates for a low-cost compound that can be applied to teeth like ointment and more effectively stop cavities than traditional drilling methods. The treatment recently won FDA approval after a public health campaign led by a professor at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.

Jeremy Horst, a researcher and dentist practicing his trade at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry in California, had a patient whose mouth was full of cavities.

Low-income Children Keep Their Healthy Smiles

smiling kid
Thanks to the Creston Children’s Dental Clinic, more than 500 children have been seen by volunteer representing dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

The oral health status among children in Oregon does not bode well for healthy smiles, especially those of low-income children.

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