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Planned Parenthood Wants Pregnancy Centers to Display Their Services

The Lund Report
Similar measures to require anti-abortion counseling centers to display signs have run afoul of the First Amendment and have been struck down by federal courts. SB 490 would require centers to display signs that they have no medical staff and do not offer prenatal care, contraceptives or abortions.


April 3, 2013 — Planned Parenthood is pushing Senate Bill 490, which would require crisis pregnancy centers to declare upfront in signs whether they offer abortion, contraceptive or adoption services and if patients will receive services from a medical provider.

Planned Parenthood Petition Wants Tighter Regulation of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The Lund Report
A 2010 investigation found many offices that offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds give inaccurate information about abortion, birth control and STDs – and many don't offer the services they advertise

September 12, 2012 -- Around the state and around the country, billboards, bus stop ads and clinic signs offer help to women who think they may be pregnant, or know they are. All of them say that they offer free pregnancy tests, and some say they provide additional prenatal care or support for young women. Others encourage women to come in for free STD tests.

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