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Opinion: Challenges for the Next Phase of Integrated Medicaid Care in Oregon

The Oregon Health Plan launched an ambitious system a decade ago to integrate medical and dental care. It is now working on a reform of the system, which is plagued with problems.

Ten years ago, Oregon embarked on the very ambitious plan to integrate mental health, addictions, dental and physical health care into the Oregon Health Plan.

CCO Approach Appeals to Future of Public Health Work Group

A workgroup drafting options for the Oregon Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Public Health seems headed toward a sharpened focus on health outcomes.

Gary Oxman, an at-large member of the group and retired public health officer with Multnomah County, says public health should take its cues from what he called the “spiritual vibe” of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organization model, where experimentation combined with clearly measured outcomes is s

Yamhill CCO Adopts New Name

The non-profit Coordinated Care Organization that provides mental and physical health care for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in Yamhill County has officially adopted a new name: Yamhill Community Care Organization (Yamhill CCO).

Portland CCOs Not Ready to Manage Ride Service Due to HIPAA Concerns

The state has lacked an official privacy policy to govern people who give rides to Medicaid clients, creating a potential liability nightmare. As a result, the Portland-area CCOs will not be ready to take over responsibility for non-emergency transportation services, although others, including Salem, are moving ahead in July.

The transfer of responsibilities for the Medicaid population from the state to coordinated care organizations has hit a snag.

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