Colonoscopy Bill Prohibits Extra Charges for Removing Polyps

Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, Cigna and Regence BlueCross BlueShield had been among the insurers to charge fees, though Regence said the charges had been a mistake and now supports the bill.

A divided Senate Thursday found an election-year issue it can get behind -- free colonoscopies, even if a physician has to remove polyps during the screening.

New Federal Guidelines Mean More People Could Have Colonoscopy Screenings

Kaiser Permanente’s goal is to reach above the national average of 90 percent by encouraging its members to undergo such screenings

March 14, 2012 -- Those who go in for a colonoscopy may find they won’t take a hit to their pocketbook if the screening leads to another procedure such as removing a polyp.

Federal health reform laws implemented recently led to that change, Dr. Thomas Syltebo, the clinical quality representative for Kaiser Permanente, told the Oregon Educators Benefit Board recently.

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