Activists Focus on Ramifications of Coal Barges

The Lund Report
After the cancellation of several proposals to ship coal by rail, Ambre Energy is now asking to ship coal on covered Columbia River barges


July 23, 2013 – First it was coal trains. Now it's coal barges.

Sen. Jeff Merkley Urges Physicians, Nurses to Raise Their Voices

The Lund Report
Healthcare reform, environmental legislation wouldn't have been possible without the voices of providers, he told those attending the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility event

January 22, 2013 -- According to public opinion polls, U.S. Senators are less well-liked and less well-respected than cockroaches, Sen. Jeff Merkley told a small crowd of physicians, nurses and community members last week. Doctors and nurses, on the other, consistently rank at the top of public opinion polls – so when it comes to public policy, their opinions often hold more sway.

Governor's Office Waiting for Federal Report on Environmental Impact of Coal Trains

The Lund Report
Health, environmental justice and neighborhood groups point to the hazards of coal dust and increased rail traffic

July 26, 2012 -- A group of doctors, environmental activists, neighborhood activists and Indian tribes has called on the governor's office and the Oregon Health Authority to perform a health impact
assessment before granting permits for coal exports by rail to the state's ports – which a spokesperson for the governor's office has called “premature.”

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