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John Kitzhaber On Medicaid: 'We've Lost Our Sense Of Vision'

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About five years ago, Oregon adopted an innovative Medicaid system that enabled the state to expand health care to nearly 1 million people today. But the system does not have a steady source of funds. This year Oregon's Medicaid funding gap was $950 million.

Technical Errors Prevent Cover Oregon from Opening Meeting to Public

Cover Oregon tried to open its legislative oversight committee to the public, only to have technical errors shut the meeting down 12 minutes after it began when the public telephone line failed to work.

Cover Oregon tried to open its legislative oversight committee to the public, only to have technical errors shut the meeting down 12 minutes after it began when the public telephone line failed to work.

The Tuesday meeting was intended to be the first public meeting of the legislative oversight committee, which the Legislature had created to oversee the work of Cover Oregon. Little was known about when these meetings were actually taking place because they were kept secretive and held without access to the public or the media, in possible violation of the Public Meetings Law.

Cover Oregon Audit Released; Goldberg Out Atop Health Authority

Kitzhaber told reporters after the release of the Cover Oregon audit that he was asking Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to review all legal options against hapless technology contractor Oracle. He said bad management of Oracle contributed to the crippling of the exchange. Cover Oregon debacle has cost one of the most recognizable leaders in state government his job.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg, who left his post as the director of the Oregon Health Authority in December to fill in atop Cover Oregon, will stay on at the insurance exchange until a permanent replacement is found next month, but he will not be returning in any form to the health authority when his work at the exchange is done, Gov. John Kitzhaber told reporters Thursday.

Cover Oregon Gives Up on Online Portal, Sticking to Improvised System

Cover Oregon
The state insurance exchange will not have its promised one-stop shop available to consumers by the end of open enrollment this month, relying instead on the help of insurance agents and the U.S. Postal Service to sign people up for private health plans. One insurance agent said he could get people signed up in as little as 15 minutes.

Cover Oregon has given up on having a fully functional website by the end of open enrollment on March 31.

“We do not intend to launch the portal this month,” said Aaron Karjala, the Cover Oregon chief information officer. “The runway to getting the enrollments is too short. We can’t be assured it will improve our performance to get us to maximum enrollment.”

Goldberg Cites Progress in Fixing Cover Oregon as Republicans Increase Cries to Pull Plug

The Lund Report
Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, calls for state to shut down Cover Oregon and offer subsidies for consumers outside the exchange, but director Bruce Goldberg said many of the errors that have kept the website down were eliminated in the past week.

Acting Cover Oregon Director Dr. Bruce Goldberg hinted to the House Health Committee on Wednesday that Cover Oregon could go completely online by February, even as Rep. Jason Conger of Bend, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, told the director that the state should shut the whole exchange down.

Oregon Gives CCOs Financial Incentives for Quality Care

The Lund Report
A portion of the state’s increase in federal Medicaid funding will go to coordinated care organizations that show improvement in key areas

December 18, 2012 -- The Oregon Health Authority wants to give financial bonuses to the new coordinated care organizations if they can show good healthcare access as well as emphasize preventive practices such as mental health screening and good maternal healthcare.

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