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Monnes Anderson To Try Again to Curtail Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals

The Gresham Democrat and retired public health nurse hopes to follow up on new California restrictions on antibiotic use to ban the use of the medications as a preventive treatment in healthy animals. Most antibiotics in America are used on animals, not humans, and the excessive use of the medications risks the creation of bacterial superbugs that could render the lifesaving drugs worthless.

The chairwoman of the Oregon Senate Health Committee plans to fight again next legislative session to curtail the widespread misuse of antibiotics in farm animals, restricting their use, like human antibiotics, to the treatment of bacterial infections.

Oregon Legislature: The Two Big Ones that Got Away

For the Oregon legislature, Mick Jagger was half right. Progressives sometimes got what they wanted, but in at least two cases, they didn’t get what they needed most.


“You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes

You just might find –

You get what you need.”

-          Rolling Stones


Oregon's Chance To Make Public Health History

Oregon has a chance to make public health history this legislative session in Salem.

OPINION- If SB 920 passes, it would accomplish what no one else in the country has been able to do – stop the use of routine, non-therapeutic antibiotic use in farm animals to promote growth and head off outbreaks of infection caused by over-crowded conditions in factory farms.

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