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Regence and Ambulatory Surgery Centers Reach Compromise

Regence BlueCross BlueShield and other insurance companies that don’t want to pay surgery centers directly will have to send policyholders a check that they cannot cash without the surgery centers’ signature. The centers have been forced to send patients to collection agencies after the payments for their surgeries have gone missing.


June 17, 2013 — A measure that would cramp down on an abusive payment practice to ambulatory surgical centers by Regence BlueCross BlueShield has been resurrected and attached in the House to another bill, Senate Bill 724, which passed the House on Friday.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Seek Relevance While Lagging in Transparency

Oregon’s outpatient surgery centers are behind other healthcare organizations in reporting medical errors and infections

January 27, 2012 -- Oregon ambulatory surgery centers want to be an integral part of any newly formed Coordinated Care Organization. But some question just how transparent the 86 freestanding outpatient centers in the state are when it comes to reporting quality.

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