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Steiner Hayward: Earned Sick Leave a Public Health Challenge

The physician and senator, who represents Beaverton and Northwest Portland, built the case for a statewide earned sick leave law at the Portland City Club’s December forum. Another bill, phasing out older, dirty diesel engines banned in California and Washington may face opposition from counties that are buying up the cheap engines that Oregon’s greener neighbors don’t want.

A pair of leading state Democratic lawmakers shared the stage Friday with the House Republican leader at the Portland City Club and gave a promising preview of what’s to come in the 2015 legislative session: a statewide law that would make Oregon the fourth state to mandate that employers give paid time off for sick employees.

Foundry Neighbors Make Good, Agree on Air Toxics Reductions

The Lund Report
Deal avoids litigation over ESCO emissions but exposes concern about statewide air quality regulation

December 8, 2011 -- Cutting down on toxic chemicals is nice, but a coalition of environmental health advocates and the historic industrial operation they challenged to slash cancer-causing emissions are congratulating themselves for avoiding a situation that's toxic in a different way: years of acrimonious litigation.

Just because the air has cleared in a tony Portland neighborhood, though, don't expect much praise for the way Oregon regulates air pollution and its impact on environmental health.

Legislature Should Approve DEQ Air Toxics Grant

The Lund Report
We owe it to our children whose schools have among the worst air quality in the nation which has the potential to cause unnecessary cancer deaths

OPINION May 20, 2011 – The Ways and Means Committee agenda in Salem on Monday is a topic of great discussion among many concerned Oregon parents.

With the simple act of putting a DEQ grant request on its agenda, the Ways and Means Committee will help Oregon take a giant step closer to cleaner air for our children. This is a DEQ request for federal dollars to provide additional air quality monitoring. No match from Oregon is required. Toxic air near our schools is an Oregon-wide problem, and it's time for Salem to take actions to protect Oregon's children.

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