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June 19, 2013 -- The Lund Report drives dialogue in healthcare with innovative thinking, original analysis and investigative reporting. Committed to increasing the health of Oregonians, we give professionals and the public the keys to unlock Oregon’s healthcare system.
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The Lund Report is the only independent voice of healthcare news in Oregon. We uncover hard-core news that others aren’t writing about. No other publication so thoroughly covers Oregon’s healthcare industry, legislative developments, local issues, and policy debates. The Lund Report follows decision-makers, follows the money, and highlights people willing to challenge the status quo.
We bring everyday people into healthcare policy discussions. As health care transformation sweeps Oregon and the nation continues to struggle with health disparities, The Lund Report is on time and on target to empower collective solutions. We give voice to industry insiders and everyday people committed to healthier communities. Add your voice by commenting online and sending us story ideas.
The Lund Report provides the facts, analysis, and action tools. You make the difference in Oregon. Our reporters shine a light on what’s going on inside our healthcare world, uncovering news you won’t find elsewhere. Healthcare providers, public servants, caring community members, consultants, affiliated Industries, and many more contribute to the solutions. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today! 
Provocative stories challenge readers to look at what’s really happening, to question why, and to take specific steps to do something about it. We connect money and management decisions to the social determinants of health, helping readers recognize the relevance of health news. These social determinants– people’s daily living and working conditions and the underlying distribution of power, money, and resources – are just as important as the inside details of the healthcare industry.
We send award-winning reporters out where the action is so that you can know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Chris Gray is on the scene at meetings with lawmakers, public officials, and lobbyists. Our staff plows through the financial reports of hospitals and insurance companies analyzing what’s beneath the surface to compare the money they make to the health outcomes they create. Reporter Christen McCurdy took home a top journalism prize for her in-depth series looking at the health effects of lead poisoning in the Portland area and informing parents what they could do to protect their children.
Help others stay informed, engaged, and empowered.
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