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December 18, 2012 – I am extremely grateful to those of you who’ve made a financial contribution to The Lund Report during the past several weeks.

I run this news organization with a very lean budget and depend on the support of you – our readers – to remain sustainable and do not succumb to corporate interests.

Recently our board of directors set a fund-raising goal of $25,000, and we’re just $7,500 short of reaching that target.

If you haven’t already made a donation, I encourage you to do so today by either using your credit card or sending a check to The Lund Report at P.O. Box 82841, Portland, 97282. Because our organization is recognized as a non-profit (501-C-3) by the IRS, your contribution is tax deductible.

Independence, fairness, honesty and transparency – these are the values that epitomize The Lund Report.

Now with transformation on the horizon, the need for a fearless news source that tells the truth is more important than ever. That’s why I’m determined to keep The Lund Report alive.

Since 2009, The Lund Report has been there, going beneath the surface, unraveling what’s happening, bringing you news stories each and every week; stories not found elsewhere.

As editor, I’m proud of our accomplishments. Our reporters have uncovered stories about the millions of dollars spent by Regence BlueCross BlueShield on for-profit ventures while the health insurer continues to increase its rates and reduce benefits.

And, we’ve broken down the facts about the emergence of coordinated care organizations and the health insurance exchange, known as Cover Oregon.

At the same time, The Lund Report hasn’t neglected the critical public health issues facing Oregonians – obesity, tobacco prevention, fluoride.

Now, as the next legislative session approaches, we intend to hire a full-time reporter who’ll focus on the critical health policy issues, while keeping tabs on the finances of hospitals, health insurers and the coordinated care organizations.

At the same time, our web manager is upgrading the software that drives our website, making it easier to read our articles on tablets and mobile devices.

You support makes this important work possible. Please help us reach our fund-raising goal by making a donation. Thanks for believing in what we do.  

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