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A big thank you to the wonderful people who’ve already responded, showing their support for The Lund Report. Since this fund-raising drive was launched several weeks ago, we’ve heard from hundreds of you – consumer advocates, business leaders, policymakers – people from across Oregon who believe it’s essential to have an independent source of health policy news. For that, we are very appreciative.

But it’s still not too late to make your tax-deductible contribution. As you know, The Lund Report relies on the support of its readers to remain a vital source of health policy news. No other media outlet provides such comprehensive coverage.

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And if the lure of a Hawaii vacation interests you, we’re offering a raffle for anyone who donates $250 or more. We’re extending this opportunity through Jan. 15 and, at that time, will notify the lucky winner.

As healthcare transformation sweeps Oregon with the immersion of the coordinated care organizations and Governor John Kitzhaber’s commitment to control costs, The Lund Report remains your best source of health policy news.

I also encourage you, our readers, to comment on our articles, share your story ideas (anonymously if you prefer) and have created a special editorial section where we publish your commentaries – no matter which side of the aisle you happen to be on.

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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today! 

Since the inception of The Lund Report, in May 2009, I have never accepted a salary or other compensation as executive editor. Every dollar we raise goes toward paying our professional news staff and for technology support.

My goal has and always will be the same – to bring you the most timely and comprehensive coverage of Oregon’s health industry in an effort to create the most transparent health system for everyone – be they politicians, industry executives, lobbyists or consumer advocates.

Now I’m counting on you to turn this into a reality.

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