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We’re also holding a raffle and everyone who contributes $250 or more is eligible to stay in a luxurious three-bedroom home in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Can you think of any other news source focused primarily on health policy issues that’s not afraid to take a deep dive into Oregon’s healthcare industry.

The Lund Report has never strayed from that path despite the unwillingness by hospital officials, health insurance executives and other high-level officials in both the private and public sector to cooperate as we seek to tell the truth.

With our team of investigative reporters, you can count on The Lund Report to be vigilant in the coming year.

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There’s an extra added bonus to making a donation. Anyone who contributes $250 or more will have their name entered into our raffle for a 7-day stay in a luxurious three-bedroom home in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. This raffle runs through Jan. 5, and we'll notify the winner shortly thereafter. There are black-out dates.

On the news front, we’ve also members of the prestigious Northwest News Partnership coordinated by Oregon Public Broadcasting with assistance from the Knight Foundation.

And, our stories have begun appearing in newspapers and other media outlets around the state including OPB, the Salem Statesman-Journal, the Eugene Register Guard, the Portland Tribune, the Medford Mail-Tribune and the East Oregonian. We also post their healthcare articles on our website so you can access to even more vital information about our healthcare system.

This unique partnership would not have been possible without your financial support. Your donations have enabled us to become the most vital source of health news in Oregon, going behind the scenes to reveal what’s going on inside the industry – and remain independent!

As we grow our community of informed readers, The Lund Report is determined to help achieve a more transparent healthcare system in Oregon. We give voice to industry insiders and everyday people committed to healthier communities, and we inspire our readers to remain engaged in the healthcare issues that impact our lives.

Since I created The Lund Report five years ago, I have never accepted a salary or any other remuneration for my work as its editor, and all the dollars we raise go directly to our wonderful professional staff of reporters, our website designer and developer who do a fantastic job providing you with the most critical stories about our healthcare industry.

Today, The Lund Report reaches more than 30,000 people throughout the Pacific Northwest, while our readership continues to grow each week.

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