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Hospital Snapshot: OHSU Grows Beyond Marquam Hill Through Partnerships in Salem, Hillsboro

Teaching hospital sees growth through community-based healthcare institutions
June 15, 2016

Oregon Health & Science University has always had a long reach across the state, thanks to relationships it has developed with other hospitals. Now it is cementing its role, and its clout, with the new OHSU Partners subsidiary.

This subsidiary is at the heart of arrangements to bring Salem Health and Tuality Healthcare into the OHSU family. Both smaller institutions will remain independent on paper, and will control their assets at the local level. But they’ll also merge finances and operational decision-making into the larger institution.

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OHSU is a state-chartered public corporation, which operates a medical, nursing, dental and pharmacy school, a network of clinics, multiple research centers and a major hospital. Its annual operating budget is about $2.4 billion, and it employs roughly 15,098 people.

OHSU Hospital, Oregon Health & Science University’s main inpatient facility, is the state’s only academic medical center, and is one of the busiest hospitals in the Oregon. With 551 beds, OHSU draws patients from across the state and beyond, many of whom travel to Portland for the expert care its specialists provide.

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