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Healthcare Plus Information Technology: The “Perfect” Job?

April 17, 2015

As we’ve previously discussed, healthcare jobs are on the rise. One specific area likely to experience significant growth is Healthcare/Information Technology jobs. As presented by this article, written by Tim Cannon, here are some likely reasons for that surge.

1. The changes as a result of Obamacare have generated a horde of new people enrolled in health insurance. That leads to many more electronic records. Because these records are important and sensitive, security analysts will be needed to protect that information.

2. Healthcare companies are interested in investing in big data. The quantity of information that is implied by that term requires specialized knowledge. IT professionals who have that knowledge will be in a good position to score a job.

3. Leading somewhat from number 2 and 3, technology is moving forward at such a rapid pace that employers need professionals specializing in multiple IT disciplines. Data strategists who know about business, data scientists who can generate algorithms, and analytic consultants who would understand both, all will be needed.

Are you interested in melding health care and IT? Tell us your experiences.

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