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Healthcare Jobs Continue to Soar

Check out the new job postings from PH Tech, ZoomCare and the Office of Rural Health on The Lund Report.
May 15, 2015

As we’ve recently discussed, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in terms of jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the healthcare industry added 45,200 jobs in April.

Other details of note:

  • Hospitals accounted for more than a quarter of that number with an increase of 11,800 jobs.
  • Nursing homes and residential facilities added 8,100 new jobs, which is a change, previous months had shown a reduction in positions.
  • Physician’s offices added 9,300 employees, outpatient centers added 3,400, and home-health agencies added 2,700. This is an overall increase in ambulatory care jobs of about 4 percent from last year at this time.

Overall the healthcare sector has surpassed 15 million jobs, with 390,000 new jobs created in the past 12 months.

How is your job search going? Are you interested in pursuing a job in the healthcare industry? Let us know your thoughts.

And while you are at it, check out these jobs with PH Tech (Performance Health Technology):

Decision Support Analyst

Provider Systems Manager

FamilyCare has also posted a number of jobs with us:

Pharmacy Technician

Manager, Dental Services

Case Manager - RN

Supervisor, Utilization Management

Medical Social Worker (MSW) - Case Manager

Medical Reviewer - RN

ZoomCare is looking for a Product Manager

The Oregon Office of Rural Health needs a Program Manager for Rural Health Outcomes

Stop by the Health Hires jobs board at The Lund to see our full list of jobs, internships and volunteer positions currently available.

For inquiries concerning Health Hires please contact Rian Sands at [email protected].