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Corvallis Voters Favor Universal HealthCare

In Tuesday’s election, they showed their support.
November 11, 2016

A ballot measure that would require Oregon to move toward a universal healthcare system was wildly successful in Corvallis on Tuesday.

In Corvallis, the measure passed by 75 percent with 19,300 votes in favor, according to activist Roberta Hall.

The outcome is only advisory and doesn’t have the force of law, yet supporters are enthusiastic about its potential impact.

“The general plan statewide has been to continue talking with people about the need for a real healthcare system that serves everyone, such as many other countries have, and to encourage legislators to study the results of a study being conducted by RAND,” she said. By early December, lawmakers expect to learn the recommendations by RAND Corporation on the most feasible way to achieve universal coverage.

A single-payer system is among the alternatives, along with a public option on the insurance exchange and a full rollout of the Affordable Care Act possibly with a Basic Health Plan for working-class residents.

The Legislature authorized the study, following the passage of Senate Bill 2828 with Sen. Michael Dembrow, D-Portland, leading the charge.

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