Consumer Warning: As Health Care Enrollment Ends, Beware of Non-Traditional Health Plans

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Consumer warning: As health care enrollment ends, beware of nontraditional health plans that are not available on 

Complaints are on the rise from Oregonians being lured into purchasing nontraditional health insurance plans. 

As the enrollment deadline nears, consumers are encouraged to purchase their health coverage only from a trusted source. 

Nontraditional plans typically offer low-cost coverage, but are not available at These plans often lead to high cost of care and a high tax penalty. 

The Department of Consumer and Business Services encourages consumers to: 
* Beware of cold calls offering low-cost health coverage 
* Purchase health insurance only from a trusted source, such as an agent you trust or 
* Do not sign any document stating the policy is not subject to Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements 

If you believe a low-cost, time-sensitive policy will meet your specific health care needs, follow the steps above, carefully review the exclusions under the policy, and understand your own financial risk. 

For more information about ACA-compliant plans available in Oregon, visit

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