National Urgent Care Group Opens Second Center in Oregon

Doctors Express Transforms Medical Care in Portland Area

February 7, 2012 -- Doctors Express, the first ever national urgent care franchise is expanding in Portland just 9 months after they established their first center in Lake Oswego. Renowned Portland physician Dr. Lou Perretta joined the group as the Medical Director and is partnering with former Intel Executive Guru Sankar to build and operate the new urgent care facilities, combining clinical excellence with business savvy and a singular focus on patient service.

The team plans to establish a high quality, state-of-the art, walk-in medical center that is comfortable, convenient and affordable for patients. The new Doctors Express Portland will open in March in the prime Uptown Shopping Center.  Given the tremendous success at the first location, they are opening the second center and plan to expand to other areas in Portland soon.

“We are truly excited that our first Doctors Express location in the Portland area has received such support from local residents and businesses. Opening a second location to similarly serve the Northwest Portland community with a patient-focused, affordable healthcare facility is just a natural development. This region needs a new healthcare solution, and we believe this is it,” says Dr. Peretta.  He adds, “We intend to work closely with local physicians and hospitals to fill the void between ER medicine and primary care. Given our unique location, we will be able to provide convenient care to a large, diverse population who are within walking distance.”

The Doctors Express walk-in medical center differs from other medical clinics by offering a consistent, broad range of treatment and services on the spot. Under one roof, experienced physicians will diagnose and treat illnesses, dispense medication and have the capabilities to x-ray and set broken bones. The centers also include on-site labs that give quick test results for ailments such as mono and strep throat. Plus, the average wait time to see a physician is only 15 – 20 minutes. This is the first time urgent care has been nationally franchised.  The national franchise will benefit the local Doctors Express by sharing best practices across all centers and leveraging its size to keep prices lower for local consumers.

Dr. Peretta, a highly respected physician among the local medical community who spent 17 years in Good Samaritan’s ER department, will deliver affordable, efficient, non-emergency treatment to almost anyone who walks in. He has teamed up with Sankar, a successful business man with deep operations expertise, to assist him in managing the business. As medical director, Dr. Peretta will treat patients and oversee all of the day-to-day medical operations of the center.

Currently, there are 43 Doctors Express centers up and running throughout the country. A total of 143 franchises have been awarded in 24 states and 70 will be operating by the end of the year. The long term goal is to have 1,000 Doctors Express centers across the nation, so that a recognizable, reliable healthcare option is available wherever you travel in the U.S.

About Doctors Express:
Doctors Express was founded in Baltimore in 2005 by an emergency room physician seeking a more efficient, affordable and personable system for urgent care patients. Doctors Express walk-in medical centers are sweeping across the country as America’s first nationally branded urgent care centers. Much like an emergency room, Doctors Express is an urgent care facility with physicians on staff. Doctors Express provides state-of-the-art treatment for acute illness, trauma and sports injuries (including minor surgical procedures) and has on-site laboratory and digital x-ray service. Pre-employment physicals, drug screening and treatment of work related injuries are also available to local employers. Visit

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