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House Bill 3391 is about Church v State

Bill would expand reproductive care access -- with abortion becoming a sticking point amongst religious healthcare providers

Guest Opinion-  Life comes with many shades of gray. When people confront tragedies and circumstances beyond their control, they have to make difficult choices that may shake their moral compass.

Telemedicine Needs Privacy Protections

This letter was sent to Rep. Greenlick and members of his Health Care Committee concerning the privacy and safety standards for telemedicine.

OPINION -- Chair Greenlick and members of the Health Care Committee,
I have previously testified before the Senate Health Care Committee on this telemedicine bill.

Oregon Lawmakers Should Lead the Nation and Restore Privacy Protections

The medical records of college students deserve such protection given what occurred at the University of Oregon

Wikipedia’s entry for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is short. FERPA, also called the Buckley Amendment for Senator James Buckley who sponsored the bill, grew by one paragraph in March of this year. 

Drug Prices in America: ROI or RIP?

Drug prices are killing Americans and making fortunes for pharmaceutical executives.

OPINION -- Long over are the halcyon (not to be confused with Halcion®) days when Jonas Salk said of the polio vaccine, “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Data Breaches Not Protected Under HIPAA

The author maintains that digital platforms enable data breaches of huge magnitude in this concluding article.
OPINION -- In 1973, Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare Elliot Richardson established a committee to protect the privacy of personal data in record-keeping systems.  Fair information Practices

Legislators Urged to Deny $200 Million in Bond Funding for OHSU

Dr. Kris Alman is urging legislators to not fund OHSU’s bond funding request, contending there is no return on investment for the public.

OPINION -- On the face of it, a general obligation bond for OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute seems to be a no-brainer. A down payment to match (and not a penny less) Phil Knight's $.5 Billion generous gesture. Win the war on cancer. Good paying jobs.


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