Jesse Ellis O’Brien

The American Health Care Act is a Bad Deal for Oregon

Consumers urgently need a comprehensive solution to rising healthcare costs, and the AHCA not only doesn’t get us there, the author contends.

OPINION -- I am increasingly concerned that Congress may be about to make a historic mistake that could raise costs and degrade the quality of healthcare for countless Oregonians—all without seriously taking on any of the myriad problems in our healthcare system.

The Last Word on Oregon’s 2017 Health Insurance Rates and Coverage Options

Progress will require building real transparency and accountability for the whole healthcare industry to keep costs reasonable and sustainable.

OPINION –Here’s an update on the latest developments with health insurance rates for 2017 and what they mean for the future of healthcare in our state. Unfortunately, the news is not encouraging—premium rates will be going up steeply for many Oregonians—but there are some silver linings.

A New Way of Shopping for Health Insurance Gets a Trial Run

The Lund Report
Oregon’s health insurance exchange, which gets under way in October 2013 needs to make certain consumers have easy access to information about the total cost of a health plan, the author maintains

OPINION – November 8, 2012 -- Earlier this week, I took part in a trial run of the user interface system for the website of the Oregon health insurance exchange—now called Cover Oregon.

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