Dr. Leigh Dolin

Is Competition Really Good for HealthCare?

The Lund Report
There’s little evidence to support the model, this author postulates


OPINION -- Competition is supposed to be good for healthcare. Only with competition, it is said, will we get the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost. But is this true? Where’s the evidence?

Single Payer Would Remove Profit

The best arguments for single payer insurance are the ones against it.

May 12, 2009 -- You know the main argument: “Yes, a single payer system does make a lot of sense, but it’s not politically possible.” What this says, of course, is that a single payer system would be too radical a change.

'We Should be Ashamed of Ourselves'

A retired Providence doctor gets denied by his former employer, affording a first-hand look at our failed healthcare system

Are health insurance companies responsible to the community at large or only to their own customers and stakeholders? Is it ethical for them to be allowed to deny coverage to anyone who might actually be in need of medical care?

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