Christopher Heun

Safety at Oregon Hospitals Improving, But Gaps Remain

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Forget Ebola. Can hospitals in the state keep patients safe from preventable harm? A nationwide report card on patient safety finds nearly 6 out of 10 hospitals in the state do an average or below average job.

More than half of hospitals in Oregon received a “C” or “D” on a report card released by an industry group last month that measured patient safety at more than 2,500 hospitals nationwide.

Physical Therapists Lobby for Changes to Medicare Reimbursement

Besides harboring the same gripes about Medicare payments as other providers, private practice physical therapists are excluded from some of the privileges of the program given to physicians. But that may change soon. They've taken the fight to Congress.

Physical therapists from Oregon and around the country are hopeful that a coordinated lobbying effort in Washington, D.C.


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