BJ Cavnor

Restricting Drugs Impacts Chronically Ill

The author takes exception to an earlier article appearing in The Lund Report about PhRMA’s influence in prior authorization of new drugs.

OPINION -- In his article, PhRMA Likely to Win Support for Watering Down Prior Authorization of New Drugs, reporter Chris Gray failed to report the potential impact HB 2638 would have on Medicaid/OHA patients.

Enshrining Healthcare Discrimination in Oregon Law

It’s been five years since the Affordable Care Act was introduced, and one of the most important provisions is under fire.

OPINION -- When the ACA became law in 2010, it immediately allowed uninsured adults and children with pre-existing medical conditions, access to health insurance coverage.

The Cost of a Cure

Advances in medicine provide cures and life sustaining treatment for tens of thousands of Oregonians. But who decides which patients will receive them? Is the life of a private insurance patient worth more than someone the Oregon Health Plan?


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