Anne Scheck

High Tech House Calls Coming Soon to Oregon

Health status to be tracked, tested at home.
The forecast for some Oregonians’ healthcare is cloudy with a chance of megabytes – computer clouds will gather medical data and clinical outcomes by means of mobile home-monitoring for patients, providers and insurers. 

Less Paperwork, More Patient Focus Can Dramatically Improve Care, Expert Says

Inefficiency continues to plague the medical system, according to Dr. David Reuben director and professor geriatric medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine

November 16, 2011 -- Surveys of doctors show that now more than half think that providing higher-quality medicine may lead to losses in their earning power, a belief that may help explain why an exceptionally high number of patients don’t get recommended care, according to Dr. David Reuben MD, who spoke at the OHSU Foundation for Medical Excellence annual lecture earlier this week.

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