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Submitting a news tip

Whether you work within the health system or experience it as a patient, we want to hear from you. Our editorial team welcomes news tips from a diversity of perspectives and on all topics related to health care, an industry that impacts each and every one of us. If there's an issue you'd like to see reported on, a costly medical bill you want to share or any other tip you think might point our journalists to a story, we encourage you to submit it.

Submitting a news tip

Please direct news tips to our editor-in-chief, Nick Budnick. You can reach him at [email protected], or you can leave a voicemail with our answering service at 503-894-8548. 

Please let us know when you submit your news tip if you are willing to go on the record. If you wish to remain anonymous or off-record, we still want to hear from you! We take the privacy of our sources seriously and will respect any level of anonymity agreed upon as we follow up on your tip and report the story.

Sending an anonymous tip or encrypted document

If you want to conceal your identity from our journalists, you can send an anonymous, encrypted email by creating a free Proton Mail account and sending your tip and/or attachment to [email protected].