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Kitzhaber Eyes Long-Term Care Waivers

The Lund Report
Obama’s support for Wyden bill means earlier waivers in states like Oregon
March 3, 2011 -- Oregon’s first waiver request under the 2010 national health reform law could be to integrate long-term care, according to Gov.

Regence Draws White House Ire For Rate Increases

The Lund Report
Massive rate hikes by Regence, which is refusing to insure new children, has drawn the attention of national figures
September 23, 2010 -- Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and its parent company The Regence Group – which controls health plans in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah – are increasingly coming between the crosshairs of White House officials.

Joel Ario to Oversee Insurance Exchanges

The Lund Report
Former Oregon insurance commissioner heads to Washington DC
August 11, 2010 – Joel Ario who was Oregon’s chief insurance regulator from 2000 to 2007 is joining the Obama administration to oversee the nation’s health insurance exchange system.

A Mad As Hell Doctor's Final Report

The Lund Report
Despite many thousands of e-mails and phone calls the White House did not invite us in.

Dr. Marc Sapir from Berkley, California was one of the Mad As Hell Doctors who toured the country through much of September holding rallies in two dozen cities for single-payer healthcare.

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaway to Big Pharma

The Lund Report
Months after the White House announced a deal with pharmaceutical companies, an internal memo shows they gave away campaign promises
Originally at HuffingtonPost.com
August 13, 2009 -- A memo obtained by the Huffington Post confirms that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby secretly agreed to precisely the sort of wide-ranging deal that both parties have been denying over the past week.

Healthcare Lobby Turns on Obama, Mounts Attack

Days after a landmark deal at the White House, healthcare industry leaders said Obama got the story wrong
May 21, 2009 -- In the two weeks since a landmark announcement that healthcare industry leaders would trim their own growth by 1.5 percent per year, industry lobby groups behind the scenes were mounting million-dollar advertising campaigns against key planks in the Obama plan, reports the Washington Post.
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