Oregon Legislature Approves Big Medicaid Changes

The Lund Report
Gov. Kitzhaber plans to sign the bill at Portland appearance tomorrow
June 30, 2011 – The Oregon Senate passed legislation last night that imposes monumental changes to the Oregon Health Plan intended to coordinate care and reduce costs.

Oregon House Passes OHP Transformation

The Lund Report
A nearly unanimous vote moves one of the legislature’s most important bills to the Senate

June 27, 2011 – The Oregon House of Representatives passed sweeping reforms to the Oregon Health Plan today by a vote of 59-to-1.

Managed Care Plans Pay Top Salaries

The Lund Report
A Clear One buy-out netted higher than average salaries last year as state prepares for major reform
May 27, 2011 – Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to trim as much waste out of Oregon’s Medicaid program as possible.

Tighter Audits Due for Oregon Health Plan

The Lund Report
The managed care plans want to double check state actuaries, which could come with greater administrative cost scrutiny
May 25, 2011 -- As lawmakers finalize a bill to make sweeping changes to the Oregon Health Plan, a battle is brewing behind the scenes with the managed care organizations that currently administer the Medicaid program’s benefits.

Hospitals Warn Against Massive OHP Changes

The Lund Report
The hospital association agrees to increase provider tax as lawmakers move forward with transformation

May 17, 2011 – The Oregon hospital association confirmed it’s prepared to finalize an agreement with lawmakers to increase the hospital provider tax as a way to dampen the massive cuts to the Oregon Health Plan slated over the next two years.

Agreement Nears on OHP Transformation

The Lund Report
Legislators could vote next week on moving the bill out of committee

May 12, 2011 – Oregon lawmakers are close to reaching agreement on the largest overhaul of the Oregon Health Plan since its inception in 1993.

Republicans Back Off Tort Reform Demands

The Lund Report
Attempts to reform medical liability insurance and defensive medicine are going to take more time
May 6, 2011 – Republicans on the committee to transform the Oregon Health Plan signaled this week they might be willing to back off their immediate demands for tort reform.

Doubts, Warnings to Lawmakers Fill Transformation Testimony

The Lund Report
Groups are worried about leaving some vulnerable populations behind and skeptical about alleged cost savings
April 28, 2011 -- Doubt and skepticism along with some strong warnings about revamping the Oregon Health Plan and other human services were heard loud and clear Wednesday night as lawmakers met to discuss

Tort Reform Or Else

The Lund Report
Republicans say they need tort reform if the Governor wants transformation
April 21, 2011 -- Republicans on a joint committee charged with transforming the Oregon Health Plan made their first bold move Wednesday night saying without medical malpractice reform they can’t support one of Governor John Kitzhaber’s signature proposals this legislative session.

Legislators Face Timeline Crunch for OHP Transformation

The Lund Report
Within the next five weeks a newly appointed committee needs to come up with legislation creating coordinated care organizations

April 7, 2011 -- Gov. John Kitzhaber told a group of lawmakers yesterday charged with making the most sweeping changes to the Oregon Health Plan since its inception that they can make a profound impact not only on the Oregon healthcare delivery system but at the national level as well.


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