Dameron Leaves Legacy on Oregon Patient Safety

The Lund Report
Jim Dameron retires this month from the Oregon Patient Safety Commission, which he helped create nearly a decade ago
December 15, 2010 -- Looking back on it now, there were several forces that led Jim Dameron to help create and then run Oregon's Patient Safety Commission.

Quality Corp Loses Leader While Facing Challenges

The Lund Report
After five years at the helm, Nancy Clarke is retiring but insists the Quality Corp will remain strong

October 29, 2010 -- With the imminent departure of Nancy Clarke who’s led the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation for the past five years, daunting challenges await her successor who’s expected to be named in mid-November.

“I’m bowing out completely and taking a break from healthcare; it’s time to turn it over to someone else who can take it to the next stage.” said Clarke, who intends to pursue her love of jazz music and to travel.  

It’s Time for Doctors to Reclaim Ownership of Their Profession

The Lund Report
We can’t sustain rising healthcare costs and, more urgently, we can’t sustain the aftershocks of a healthcare bubble bursting
October 13, 2010 -- When I was seven, I loved getting 25 cents from my Sunday school teacher for participating that day. I’d head to the variety dime store, giddy that I could buy candies on the sly without my mother’s warnings about getting fat.

Six Health Groups Start Patient Advisory Councils

The Lund Report
The Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation will provide technical assistance and start-up funding
September 28, 2010 -- As part of its mission to bring measurable improvement to the quality of healthcare in Oregon, the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation has established partnerships with six local healthcare organizations to advance patient-centered care.

Our Country Comes Up Short on Life Expectancy

The Lund Report
We need to invest in cost-effective prevention, and stop allowing insurers to make profits by denying claims
September 28, 2010 -- The United States does not appear to have the best practice outcomes on some important figures such as life expectancy at birth for males or females, health life expectancy or death rates for children under the age of 5, according to some basic statistics from the

How Legacy Reduced Infections 40 Percent

The Lund Report
For the past two years, Legacy Health System has seriously reduced harm
May 12, 2010 -- When Jodi Joyce, vice president of quality and patient safety for Legacy Health System, testified before the House Health Care Committee in February, she delivered a startling fact.

Infection Rate Reporting Lacks Validation, Yet

The Lund Report
A team of public health officials plan to verify what hospitals are reporting is accurate
May 12, 2010 -- When Oregon officials release the state’s first-ever public report on hospital-acquired infections later this month, chances are it won’t represent the true number of cases. In fact, it probably won’t be even close.


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