Public Health Advisory Board

Public Health Advisory Board Required to Make Budget Request by June

But health officials want to flesh out a compelling vision and plans for sharing resources together with setting a dollar amount to fund public health modernization.

Public health officials have a newly defined set of foundational goals and even tools to see how far they are now from hitting them -- including a calculator for needed dollar amounts to plug into the state’s budget cycle starting this June.

Refurbished Public Health Advisory Board Tackles Public Health Modernization, will help identify how to distribute money

Dubbed “PHAB 2.0,” a beefier, governor-appointed Public Health Advisory Board met for the first time Friday since the passage of HB 3100, the legislation that bulked it up with broader scope as a subcommittee to the Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB) that can require public health authorities to access their current ability to implement foundational capabilities and programs and then tackle the job of helping them modernize.

There’s significant disparity among public health departments, Charlie Fautin, public health director for Benton County, told the newly seated Public Health Advisory Board on Friday.

Public Health Modernization Coming to Oregon

The Public Health Advisory Board dives into details to amendments to HB 3100, intended to modernize Oregon’s public health system – and ultimately seeks to bring Oregon, which currently ranks 46th out of 50 states in per capita funding of public health, closer to the national median.

It’s not just that Oregon funds public health – everything from restaurant inspections to epidemics – at a per capita rate of $13.37 versus the national median of $27.40.

Public Health Division Takes a Serious Look at Budget Reductions

The Lund Report
It’s too early to say how much revenue has been generated following the increased fees for medical marijuana cards, Dr. Mel Kohn told the Public Health Advisory Board

December 7, 2011 – With budget reductions looming as the February legislative session draws closer, Dr. Mel Kohn, director of the state’s Public Health Division, is being forced to take a hard look at making cuts.

 “There aren't a lot of places to go,” Kohn told the Public Health Advisory Board last Friday. “We're in a very difficult place, and it's going to be a very difficult session in February.”

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