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Bates Says Statewide Paid Sick Leave Law Within Hours of Agreement

The Ashland senator said a press conference called Tuesday by Sen. Dembrow and other liberal champions of paid sick leave did not affect negotiations over Senate Bill 454, which may end up being more progressive than laws passed in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Sen. Alan Bates, D-Ashland, told The Lund Report that at the end of Wednesday’s Senate floor session he believes a deal is imminent on crafting a statewide paid sick-leave law that will be the most progressive of its kind in the nation.

Steiner Hayward: Earned Sick Leave a Public Health Challenge

The physician and senator, who represents Beaverton and Northwest Portland, built the case for a statewide earned sick leave law at the Portland City Club’s December forum. Another bill, phasing out older, dirty diesel engines banned in California and Washington may face opposition from counties that are buying up the cheap engines that Oregon’s greener neighbors don’t want.

A pair of leading state Democratic lawmakers shared the stage Friday with the House Republican leader at the Portland City Club and gave a promising preview of what’s to come in the 2015 legislative session: a statewide law that would make Oregon the fourth state to mandate that employers give paid time off for sick employees.

Advocacy Group Pushes for Paid Sick Leave

Right now Family Forward Oregon has not decided whether to push for legislation or propose a city ordinance in Portland

September 27, 2012 -- A campaign to ensure that all workers in Portland earn paid sick time – inspired by similar campaigns in San Francisco and Seattle – is just getting its footing, with advocates still discussing how they plan to proceed.

Lisa Frack, communications director for Family Forward Oregon, a group pushing for more family-friendly policies in the workplace, said her group is reaching out to small businesses, unions and other groups to hammer out a strategy as well as raise awareness about the issue.

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