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Oregon's 2013 Rate of Vaccine-Exempted Kindergartners Increases Statewide Over 2012

The Lund Report
Oregon’s 2013 newly announced 6.4 percent rate of kindergartners who are exempted for religious reasons tops the 2012 rate; Coalition for Senate Bill 132 confirms need for legislation

May 7, 2013 - The Oregon Immunization Program today released the 2013 rates of Oregon kindergartners who have cited non-medical (religious) exemption from one or more required vaccines, showing the rate of exemptions has increased to an all-time high of 6.4 percent.

Oregon Has Highest Rate of Vaccine-Exempted Kindergartners

The Lund Report
More than 100 individuals and groups are joining the Oregon Pediatric Society to announce the introduction of Senate Bill 132
January 13, 2013 - In 2012, Oregon schools had the highest rate of non-medical vaccine exemptions for students of kindergarten age. The calendar year 2012 also saw the highest rates for pertussis (whooping cough) cases in the United States, for the past 50 years, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Washington and Oregon also had higher incident rates than in previous years.
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