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Bipartisan Support For Drug Transparency Bill Raises Hopes of Passage

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A scaled back version of a 2017 bill that sought to cap drug costs will instead follow a route successful in California, requiring drug manufacturers to explain big price increases

Rep. Rob Nosse, D-Portland, has found bipartisan, bicameral support for legislation to improve the price transparency for pharmaceuticals, giving momentum to passage that eluded advocates last year.

Oregon House Approves Bills Decriminalizing Drug Possession

Sen. Jackie Winters silenced her colleagues with a speech saying that the War on Drugs amounts to institutional racism.

The Oregon House of Representatives approved two bills on Tuesday that mark a dramatic shift in the government’s attitudes toward drugs and addictions, decriminalizing possession of small amounts of six hard drugs and lowering the penalty in some cases from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Republican Pushes for Ballot Referendum on Oregon Health Plan Funding Deal

Rep. Julie Parrish is threatening to derail the provider tax, which was negotiated behind closed doors with the healthcare industry, requiring it to come up with most of the state’s matching funds to draw down federal money to support the Oregon Health Plan -- and continue a critical flow of money to hospitals.

Rep. Julie Parrish, R-West Linn, is threatening a ballot referendum to overturn the new funding mechanism for the Oregon Health Plan, saying she doesn’t support taxes on health insurance, although she did support an insurance tax just four years ago.

Kruse Leads Senate to Expand Oregon Health Plan to Immigrant Kids

An eight-year battle by the Oregon Latino Health Coalition is nearing an end, as the state plans to spend $36 million covering the last 17,600 uninsured children in the state, undocumented immigrants.

The Senate passed the Cover All Kids Act on a 21-8 vote Monday, with four Republicans joining all the Democrats to ensure that all children living in Oregon will have access to health insurance, regardless of where they were born.

Farm-to-School Program Seeks Proposals for Pilot Project

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The pilot program, which stalled due to funding and personnel issues, is looking for schools to participate in a program that will serve locally-sourced meals in the cafeteria

September 19, 2012 -- A pilot program to Farm to School and School Garden programs in two districts has stalled in implementation – but is picking up steam this fall.

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