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Exchange Bill Pits Business Groups Against Consumers

The Lund Report
A hang-up over selective contracting has the health insurance exchange bill hanging by a thread

May 26, 2011 -- Legislation to create a health insurance exchange in Oregon by 2014 is pitting business groups against consumer advocates when it comes to an important aspect of the bill that could make the end product stronger. 

Legislature Should Approve DEQ Air Toxics Grant

The Lund Report
We owe it to our children whose schools have among the worst air quality in the nation which has the potential to cause unnecessary cancer deaths

OPINION May 20, 2011 – The Ways and Means Committee agenda in Salem on Monday is a topic of great discussion among many concerned Oregon parents.

With the simple act of putting a DEQ grant request on its agenda, the Ways and Means Committee will help Oregon take a giant step closer to cleaner air for our children. This is a DEQ request for federal dollars to provide additional air quality monitoring. No match from Oregon is required. Toxic air near our schools is an Oregon-wide problem, and it's time for Salem to take actions to protect Oregon's children.

Hospitals Warn Against Massive OHP Changes

The Lund Report
The hospital association agrees to increase provider tax as lawmakers move forward with transformation

May 17, 2011 – The Oregon hospital association confirmed it’s prepared to finalize an agreement with lawmakers to increase the hospital provider tax as a way to dampen the massive cuts to the Oregon Health Plan slated over the next two years.

Agreement Nears on OHP Transformation

The Lund Report
Legislators could vote next week on moving the bill out of committee

May 12, 2011 – Oregon lawmakers are close to reaching agreement on the largest overhaul of the Oregon Health Plan since its inception in 1993.

Republicans Back Off Tort Reform Demands

The Lund Report
Attempts to reform medical liability insurance and defensive medicine are going to take more time
May 6, 2011 – Republicans on the committee to transform the Oregon Health Plan signaled this week they might be willing to back off their immediate demands for tort reform.

Mental Health Groups Want to Preserve Advanced Directives

The Lund Report
A bill characterized as an administrative fix has drawn opposition and a close vote in the House
April 29, 2011 -- A bill that would allow caregivers to ignore psychiatric advanced directives in certain cases of involuntary commitment has drawn opposition from the mental health community. After narrowly passing the House, it now moves to the Senate.

Senate Committee Votes to Beef Up Primary Care

The Lund Report
A bill to pay primary care providers Medicare rates under OHP moves to the Senate floor
April 24, 2011 -- The steady decline in the number of primary care providers compared to the ranks of higher paid specialists is a problem that has plagued the healthcare system in Oregon and much of the nation for years.


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