Kitzhaber Eyes Long-Term Care Waivers

The Lund Report
Obama’s support for Wyden bill means earlier waivers in states like Oregon
March 3, 2011 -- Oregon’s first waiver request under the 2010 national health reform law could be to integrate long-term care, according to Gov.

Kurt Schrader Rides Fine Line on Healthcare

The Lund Report
Republican opponent Scott Bruun says cuts to Medicare will hurt Oregon seniors
October 27, 2010 -- Congressman Kurt Schrader isn’t exactly running away from healthcare like many Democratic incumbents in swing districts this year, but he isn’t actively campaigning on the issue either.

Regence Draws White House Ire For Rate Increases

The Lund Report
Massive rate hikes by Regence, which is refusing to insure new children, has drawn the attention of national figures
September 23, 2010 -- Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and its parent company The Regence Group – which controls health plans in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah – are increasingly coming between the crosshairs of White House officials.

Governance Missing From Health Reform Picture

The Lund Report
As we talk about health care: Substitute “either, or” for “if … then”
July 21, 2010 -- What’s the most important element missing from our national conversation about health care reform? I’ll boil it down to one word, governance.

Retired Doc Fears Burnout for New Recruits

The Lund Report
Where are the doctors, nurses and medical staff to be found for these 32 million people?
June 16, 2010 -- Dear Mr. President,
Perhaps my experience as a psychiatrist now retired could be of help as you develop effective health reform services.

Rescission Ban Unlikely to Affect Many Oregonians

The Lund Report
The number of individuals dropped by their insurer was low and children are already guaranteed coverage
April 7, 2010 -- Prohibitions on the most egregious practices of the health insurance industry that kick in later this year will have little impact on Oregonians.

EDITORIAL: The Fight Continues

The Lund Report
We agree that the bill is a good first step but falls short on controlling costs
March 25, 2010 -- When The Lund Report began almost a full year ago in April 2009, the national healthcare debate had just started to boil over. Throughout the summer and into the fall we covered angry town hall meetings, street protests and arrests.

Finding Consensus at Blair House

The Lund Report
Among complicated sticking points to iron out, there's the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
February 22, 2010 -- President Barack Obama is hosting a health care summit Thursday at the Blair House. It will be televised live. We can all watch and judge the proposals for ourselves.


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