Moda Health Plan

OHSU and Moda Agree to Option to Convert Note to Equity

Part of a larger vision to create an Oregon-based health care system

With a goal of improving the health of Oregonians, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Moda Health Plan, Inc. have signed a nonbinding Letter of Intent (LOI) to:

Open Enrollment Set for Nov. 1 as State Agency Targets Uninsured

The new Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace is targeting counties in northwest Oregon to get at the 116,000 people who could be buying plans on the federal exchange but remain uninsured. While some consumers may re-enroll automatically, massive price spikes at Moda Health and Lifewise may cause a massive shift in the market as consumers opt for cheaper plans at Kaiser, the Oregon Health CO-OP and Providence.

The remaining operations for the state’s insurance exchange appear to have shifted tranquilly from the wreckage of Cover Oregon over to the Department of Consumer and Business Services, with 2015 enrollment at 107,000 people -- up from 70,000 in 2014.

Which Oregon and Washington Insurance Execs Earned the Most in 2014?

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The Lund Report took a comprehensive look at the compensation paid to Oregon and Washington health insurance execs last year, and, for the most part, they’ve done exceedingly well, with a few execs breaking the million dollar mark. Our analysis also includes the salaries paid to the high-ranking employees at the coordinated care organizations which provide care to more than 1 million Oregonians and also offer Medicare coverage.

The CEOs of health insurers in Oregon and Washington were paid handsomely last year, even though several execs, among them Jack Friedman, ended up taking a pay cut. And, their coordinated care counterparts followed closely behind.

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