Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Briefly: Nurses In The Dalles Reach Tentative Labor Agreement

Members of the Oregon Nurses Association, who've been working without a contract since the end of June, appear to have resolved their differences with management at Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

Nurses at Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles appear to have resolved their labor dispute with management.

They've reached an agreement on a new three-year contract, the Oregon Nurses Association announced. Its members will vote on the deal next week. 

Six Independent Oregon Hospitals Remain, as Chains Grow Across the State

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In a merger-filled year, Salem Health, Tuality and Silverton joined larger groups, leaving only six nongovernment independent hospitals in the state: Columbia Memorial, Good Shepherd Medical Center, Grande Ronde Hospital, Mid-Columbia Medical Center, Santiam Hospital and Sky Lakes.

Fewer stand-alone hospitals remain in Oregon each year. Just six are left that operate independently, rather than as part of chains or public districts, as a national push to consolidate has led once-solo institutions to join larger chains.

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