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Oregon Medical Students Face Tough Test: Talking About Dying

In addition to clinical skills, OHSU medical students are learning to show know how to admit a medical mistake, deliver a death notice and communicate effectively about other emotionally and ethically fraught issues.

The distraught wife paced the exam room, anxious for someone to come and tell her about her husband. She’d brought him to the emergency department that afternoon when he complained about chest discomfort.

Medical School Costs Out of Reach for Many Students

The Lund Report
OHSU has had the highest tuition and fees among public medical schools in the country for the past three years
January 4, 2011 -- I’m a baby boomer and a descendant of the “Greatest Generation”— so called because that generation survived deprivations of the Great Depression and World War II.

Construction Starts on Osteopathic College

The Lund Report
The new campus is scheduled to open next fall in Lebanon and have 100 students
October 22, 2010 -- Construction is under way in Lebanon for an osteopathic medicine campus that will impact the physician shortage in the Pacific Northwest.

We Need to Revise the Mission of State Medical Schools

The Lund Report
The hidden tax in under funding medical education has pushed medical schools into operating as businesses
September 22, 2010 -- About 40 years ago, anti-tax sentiments gained a foothold within the electorate as many Americans became convinced that lower taxes would make them better off. The anti-tax advocates were very successful at getting their agenda enacted at the state and federal level.

Retired Doc Fears Burnout for New Recruits

The Lund Report
Where are the doctors, nurses and medical staff to be found for these 32 million people?
June 16, 2010 -- Dear Mr. President,
Perhaps my experience as a psychiatrist now retired could be of help as you develop effective health reform services.

Hope Grows To Ease Shortage

The Lund Report
Rep. Tina Kotek teamed up with a healthcare coalition to breathe life into a loan repayment program during the February special session.
March 3, 2010 – Score one for Rep. Tina Kotek (D-Portland) during the February special session. Kotek breathed new life back into a bill to draw more primary care physicians to Oregon by helping repay their student loans.


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