Healthcare system

The future we need, want, and can have—if we act soon

As this series concludes, Dr. Michael Rohwer explains the characteristics of a healthcare system grown using the model of a Complex Adaptive System.

OPINION- This series has been about the underlying reasons why healthcare cost is out of control while quality underperforms expectation. As noted many times, our expensive system is the result of how we have viewed the problem.

How Complexity Complicates the Healthcare System

As of this time, there are inadequate requirements for interoperability, usability, or to measurable outcomes in quality of care delivered to the member.

OPINION -- “Doctors aren’t as smart as they used to be,” a financial advisor recently informed me. I thought he was going to tell me a story of bad investments. Instead, he talked about interactions he’d had with his healthcare providers. He noted how distracted they’d become.

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