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Healthcare Reform: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

This op-ed was originally published in January 2010, before the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Yet, the main point holds -- the healthcare debate is a debate about values (who deserves healthcare and what they need to do to be deserving) not about healthcare per se.

Last year I was on a committee of the Institute of Medicine. Our task was to provide the most recent data on the consequences of 47 million uninsured people in America. What could we say? We provided lots of data and agreed with the conclusion of a previous committee that " .. health insurance contributes essentially to obtaining the kind and quality of healthcare that can express the equality and dignity of every person.

Current Reform Efforts Are Not Sustainable

In this first-part series, the author maintains that we need to stimulate rethinking on how we view healthcare and do business, and that it’s essential to understand Complex Systems.

OPINION -- Healthcare reform has been a persistent failure. After four decades, the future of healthcare remains economically unsustainable. The physician workforce is demoralized and at the point of leaving.

Health Reform Dependent on Good Information Technology, Says Abby Sears

Change may not happen at the speed stakeholders anticipate, she says – but being willing to learn from mistakes will be helpful

February 4, 2013 -- Healthcare reform – at both the state and federal level – won't be possible unless clinics and providers have good, up-to-date information on their patients. That in turn won't be possible without good information technology and appropriate supports, said Abigail Sears, CEO of the Oregon Community Health Information Network.

Collaborative Efforts Can Save Money and Improve Care

Perhaps the biggest roadblock is the predominant fee-for-service system, which pays providers to deliver more services

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