Mental Health, Long-Term Care Targeted for $30 Million in Innovative Ideas

The Lund Report
The money in Governor John Kitzhaber’s budget is intended to support the goals of healthcare transformation

January 2, 2013 – The money trail for healthcare transformation is nowhere close to the end. In fact, Governor John Kitzhaber has set aside $30 million in his budget for 2013-2015 to foster collaborations between mental health, long-term care providers and the coordinated care organizations.

Oregon Seeks $300,000 Tort Reform Grant

The Lund Report
Proponents hope to link medical liability issues with patient safety concerns

January 14, 2010 -- Oregon officials are eager to apply for a federal grant to conduct research on tort reform.

Since none of the health reform bills moving through Congress include tort reform, the Obama Administration has set aside grant funds that will be administered by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Policy. 

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