Governor John Kitzhaber

Kitzhaber Can No Longer Practice Medicine

The former governor's medical license became inactive in January 2014.

Former Governor John Kitzhaber can no longer practice medicine in Oregon. An emergency room physician, Kitzhaber's license became inactive in 2014, according to the Oregon Medical Board.

Kitzhaber Heralded as Healthcare Leader

As he left office, the governor was lauded by hospital executives, health insurance leaders, physicians and community activists for transforming Oregon’s healthcare system.

Governor John Kitzhaber is being remembered as a bipartisan leader who improved the lives of Oregonians by transforming the state’s healthcare delivery system. To compile this story, The Lund Report reached out to healthcare executives and community activists from across the state.

Federal Officials Likely to Approve Waivers to Transform Oregon’s Healthcare System

Once the Legislature approves the business plan setting in motion coordinated care organizations, the state’s on its way to reduce costs and improve health

January 30, 2012 -- Discussions are under way with federal officials to provide Oregon with another $2.5 billion in Medicaid funds over the next five years to help transform its healthcare system and also approve the necessary waivers to implement the new plan.   

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