Portland City Council Schedules September 12 Vote on Fluoridating the Water

The Lund Report
Anti-fluoridation activists gather signatures and question fluoridation campaign

August 24, 2012 -- Comedian George Carlin once joked that everybody complains about their local tap water, and nobody brags about it. Not so in Portland. “Portlanders pride themselves on having some of the best drinking water in the world,” said Kim Kaminski, executive director of Oregonians for Safe Drinking Water, a Portland-based nonprofit that opposes adding fluoride to municipal water supplies throughout the state.

The Battle over Portland’s Water

The Lund Report
Author concludes that there’s no consensus that fluoridation is safe for human health

OPINION – August 22, 2012 -- For months, there has been a behind-the-scenes, coordinated effort to fluoridate Portland’s water. It only came to light when the Oregonian broke the story August 10th that commissioner Randy Leonard was going to lead the effort. Since then, Nick Fish and Mayor Sam Adams have come out in favor of it, which points to at least a 3-2 vote in the Portland City Council to approve it. There have been reports a vote could be coming quickly, as early as the first or second week in September, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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