Hospital Profit Margins Slightly Down in 2010

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Close to 20 executives associated with Oregon hospitals earn more than $1 million per year
June 10, 2011 – Oregon hospitals finished the year 2010 with a slightly lower profit margin than in 2009 due to increased uncompensated care and further shortfalls in Medicare and Medicaid, according to Kevin Earls, senior vice president of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

Oregon Insurers On Pace for Another Strong Year

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The first quarter financials show Oregon insurers are still riding investment gains

June 3, 2011 – Oregon’s seven largest health insurers finished the first quarter this year with fewer members and less net income than last year, but were still on pace to have another financially healthy year.

Health Insurers Make More, Cover Fewer People

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The 2010 financials for Oregon health insurers paints a troubling picture as nation grips for reform
March 28, 2011 -- Oregon health insurers covered fewer people and made more money last year than in recent years past according to the year-end fina

Free Care at Oregon Hospitals Tops the Charts

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Reducing costs and freezing pay was the only saving grace in a year that tested Oregon hospitals financially
December 8, 2010 -- Oregon hospitals provided more than $1.1 billion in uncompensated care in 2009, close to 14 percent more than the year before and the highest amount ever for the state’s 57 acute care facilities, based on the latest financial figures released this week by the Oregon Office f

Oregon Health Insurers Ride Stock Market Gains

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Net investment income helps buoy insurance earnings to pre-recession levels
December 1, 2010 – Oregon health insurers continued an aggressive earnings pace through September of this year that saw the state’s top eight companies posting more than $170 million in net income.

One Step Closer to Medical-Loss Ratio Rules

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The National Association of Insurance Commisisoners set final rules amid insurance industry objections

October 22, 2010 -- The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) voted unanimously Thursday to finalize new rules requiring insurance companies to dedicate more revenues directly to healthcare costs.

A few technicalities aside, the NAIC kept their "medical-loss ratio" guidelines largely identical to the draft proposal the group approved in September.

Salem Health Sends Key Executives to Japan

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Yet Salem Hospital has decided to increase health insurance cost-sharing for early retirees because of higher costs
October 6, 2010 -- Salem Health is sending its top executives to Japan to embark on a program to improve quality and meet patient needs. That program is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 million a year over the next five years, according to confidential sources.

Oregon Insurers Double Profits From Last Year
Shedding members, padding surplus and increasing profits continued
September 1, 2010 -- Oregon’s eight largest health insurers continued to shed members and increase profits in the first six months of this year, based on the industry’s latest financial statements released by the Oregon Insurance Division.

Credit Company Downgrades ODS

The Lund Report
Vice president Dave Evans calls the negative rating a “non-event.”
June 9, 2010 -- A.M. Best downgraded the issuer credit rating of ODS Companies last week from good to negative, a move Dave Evans, vice president and controller, said wasn’t applicable to the insurer.

Oregon Health Insurance Profits Soar

The Lund Report
In the first quarter alone insurers earned record profit while covering fewer people

May 27, 2010 -- Oregon’s eight largest domiciled insurers covered 160,000 less people and made more profit in the first quarter of this year then in any quarter in more than two years.


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