Dr. Kurt Ferre

Fluoridation: Nature Thought of it First

Over 3,000 studies have demonstrated that fluoridation is safe, effective, and socially equitable, according to the author

OPINION – November 28, 2012 -- I have been a general dentist for 36 years, graduating from Northwestern University Dental School in the fluoridated city of Chicago. I practiced in Chicago for 4 years before moving to Portland in 1980. I retired from my clinical practice at the end of 2008 and now devote my time volunteering my dental skills to low-income children and adults.

Dental Care Organizations Want to Get a Jump Start on Transformation

But Mike Shirtcliff, who thinks it’s important for dental organizations to get involved early, reports problems regarding being involved with a CCO’s formation

April 25, 2012—Although dental care organizations aren’t required to become a part of the transformation process until 2014, two groups are getting a jump start.

Mike Shirtcliff, the CEO and president of Advantage Dental, doesn’t see any reason to wait. His company, based in Redmond, provides dental care to about 187,000 people on the Oregon Health Plan, and was listed in six letters of intent sent to the Oregon Health Authority from coordinated care organizations interested in integrating mental, physical and dental healthcare for people on the Oregon Health Plan.

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