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Oregon Lawmakers Consider Extending Tax Credits For Rural Providers

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Rural providers receive $3,000 to $5,000 in income tax credits annually through the incentive program which is due to sunset in 2022.

New Public Health Network Emerges As Douglas County Hands Off Services

While its full size and scope is still taking shape, Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer hopes that a coalition of non-governmental organizations -- the Douglas Public Health Network -- will be able to offer community-wide public health services more effectively than the county government has done. The direct delivery of care through immunizations, STD screenings and reproductive health for Roseburg and surrounding communities will move to the Umpqua Community Health Clinic Nov. 9. Chris can be reached at [email protected]

Public health leaders in Douglas County have been scrambling for the past years to find the best way to deliver services as timber revenues dried up, followed by federal offset payments.

Douglas County CCO Community Advisory Council to host June 11 meeting

Progress on the 2014 Community Health Improvement Plan will be discussed

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Umpqua Health Alliance’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) is hosting a meeting that is open to the public the second week of June to discuss progress on the 2014 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), which was released one year ago.

Douglas County Quits Mental Health Services

Joining the majority of Oregon counties, Douglas County in handing over responsibility to a nonprofit

Douglas County is getting out of the business of providing mental healthcare -- joining the majority of Oregon counties where private nonprofits are in charge.

Douglas County Residents Encouraged to Talk About Their Health

The local newspaper, in collaboration with Architrave Health and Umpqua Health Alliance have started a partnership to give Douglas County residents an opportunity to discuss their health issues, and, since then, the program has been expanded to the local radio station.

Douglas County believes healthcare transformation involves more than just access to insurance; it means access to reliable health information from trusted sources, and people talking about healthcare issues that concern them, while listening to others.


Challenges Facing Umpqua Health Alliance

A recent Community Health Assessment revealed that Douglas County ranked in the lowest percentile for overall health outcomes

Rural counties across Oregon face community health challenges exacerbated by stressed economies, aging populations, and behavioral factors.

Douglas County is a prime example -- ranking high in many risk factors that influence health including poverty, unemployment, tobacco use, obesity, and education.

Douglas County’s Collaborative Pre-Natal Clinic Reduces Number of Low Birthrate Babies

Success is attributed to the clinic's ability to provide wrap around health and social services to its clients

February 3, 2012— Despite taking care of pregnant women who have some of the highest risk factors for giving birth to low-weight babies, the women seen at Douglas County’s Prenatal Clinic beat the odds – and had the lowest rate of giving birth to low-weight babies compared to the rest of Douglas

Douglas County Providers Form the State’s First Coordinated Care Organization

A non-profit organization, the Community Health Alliance, has brought together physical, dental, mental health and addiction services

January 30, 2012—A group of nine healthcare providers in Douglas County are forming the state’s first coordinated care organization (CCO), calling it “the Community Health Alliance.”

The provider groups include Douglas County Independent Physician’s Association (DCIPA), Douglas County’s Health and Human Services Department, Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI), Mercy Medical Center, Umpqua Community Health Center, Advantage Dental, and ADAPT, which provides substance abuse and addictions treatment and recovery services.

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