Physician, Heel Thyself

As it attempts to balance controlling costs, will Congress take on self-referring doctors?
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July 13, 2009 -- In attempting to reform the U.S. health care system, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders have repeatedly said that controlling costs is as important, if not more, than extending coverage to all Americans.

Insurance Tax Cost Shift All But Certain

New tax to expand coverage to children and low-income adults will have everyone paying higher premiums

July 15, 2009 -- Employers will definitely feel the pain of an insurance tax that will help raise more than $115 billion to cover 115,000 uninsured children and low-income adults in Oregon over the next four years.

Law Judge Upholds Regence Rate Increase

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Attorney in the case says he'll appeal the decision further

June 29, 2009 -- Charlie Ringo, attorney and former Oregon Senator, says he will appeal the decision to uphold a 26 percent rate increase on Regence individual health plans that took effect last year.

Health Net Readies Premium Increase

On the heels of legislation aimed at reducing costs, Health Net says new laws will increase premiums

June 22, 2009 -- Governor Ted Kulongoski has yet to sign into law a provider tax (House Bill 2116) that will allow another 80,000 children and 35,000 low-income adults to become insured. Nevertheless, Health Net of Oregon plans to charge higher rates to compensate for the 1 percent premium tax.

Health Insurers Reveal Cost Sharing

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Consumers should more easily get detailed cost information from their insurer

June 10, 2009 -- Say your doctor suggests you need gall bladder surgery, and you want to know how much of the bill your health insurer will actually pay. Starting July 1, that information should be easy as making a toll-free phone call or clicking onto your insurer’s Web site. 

OSPIRG Gives Key Reform Bill Mixed Review

The group's lobbyist says Oregon’s cost containment bill mostly succeeds, but falls short in holding industry accountable

May 28, 2009 -- House Bill 2009 includes important steps forward in some key areas of health care costs and quality. In other areas, the bill falls short of what’s needed to address the problem of rising health insurance and out-of-pocket costs  facing families and businesses.


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