School Insurance Pool Savings Tough to Measure

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Health insurance rates for school districts still climbing for some

October 25, 2010 -- Three years ago, state lawmakers created the Oregon Educators Benefit Board, touting it as a way to pool resources and rein in skyrocketing health-insurance costs for the state's school districts.

Technology Could Save $200 Million in Healthcare

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Those savings shouldn’t end up paying for a fancy fountain in a hospital lobby, says Laura Etherton
August 4, 2010 -- Imagine saving between $100-200 million a year in healthcare costs by reducing administrative expenses. That’s the estimate calculated by state officials.

Healthcare Costs Becoming More Transparent

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An all-claims all-payer data base will reveal the true cost of healthcare services charged by hospitals and providers
July 29, 2010 -- Have you ever wondered whether a hospital in Bend or Portland charges the same price for coronary artery bypass surgery?

Hospital CEOs Decry Medicare, Defend Costs

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An executive roundtable fails to break any new ground on intractable problems

May 21, 2010 -- When hospital executives from Oregon and Southwest Washington took the stage last Wednesday (May 18), expectations ran high. More than 250 healthcare leaders attended the event sponsored by the Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers.    

Is American Medicine Too Stent Happy?

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For heart attack patients, a stent is the medical device that provides the best chance of recovery. But studies comparing the use of stents to medical therapy alone have sparked controversy.

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May 5, 2010 -- Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Americans walking around today owe their lives to a miniscule piece of mesh called a coronary stent used to prop open a clogged artery. For heart attack patients, stents provide the greatest chance of recovery of any medical device out there. That’s not where researchers disagree.

Denying New Patents Could Control Costs

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Expect the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry to protest vehemently.
May 5, 2010 -- In previous commentaries I have started by paraphrasing the landmark study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which claims that the costs of new medical technology and drugs are the primary driver of healthcare inflation.

Positioning for Success

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Why health reform is exposed to another cycle of failure
April 21, 2010 -- A recent article  about efforts to rein in Medicare costs through the newly formed Independent Payment Advisory Board is an interesting article in that it hints at the nature of the h

New Patent Standards Needed to Stem Costs

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Raising the bar for what deserves patent protection would reduce skyrocketing costs of medical technology

March 30, 2010 -- According to a landmark study by The Kaiser Family Foundation, the only long term solution for controlling health care costs in America, is to: "Delay or prevent the implementation of new medical technology."


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